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The NYU Cinema Research Institute brings together innovators in film and media finance, production, marketing, and distribution to imagine and realize a new future for artist-entrepreneurs. 

What is the Project Catalyst App?


What is the Project Catalyst App?

Artel Great

As you know, I’ve been conducting research and spearheading the development of an innovative transmedia platform, dubbed Project Catalyst, that expands the possibilities for diversity in cinema and media through its convergence with new technology, community building, and the world of visual art via work created by filmmakers and artists of color.

Now, I have an exciting update aimed specifically at all you filmmakers and film lovers.

My vision to initiate fresh media distribution strategies, through Project Catalyst has taken a positive new step--- we’ve gone global. 

I’ve been working with a team of talented people to design, build, and launch the Project Catalyst App.  Where users can watch film, music videos, and documentaries from the brightest new indie artists right on a smartphone or tablet.  The app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices, and you can even watch on your flatscreen TV by using Google Chromecast or AppleTV.

With the Project Catalyst App,  I’ve designed the first application software to distinctively showcase narrative short films, documentaries, and music videos all made by talented indie artists from Black, Latino/a, and Asian communities.

The app’s content features an impressive array of genres from drama to animation, sci-fi to experimental.  The app currently offers three distinct content channels: 1) Reflections,  2) Vibes, and 3) Truth.   Reflections = narrative, Vibes = music videos and Truth = documentary. 

My goal is to use digital technology to bring better film options to multicultural communities by offering Project Catalyst as a signature destination that showcases incredible movies and music from artists who are creating work outside the Hollywood mainstream. 

It’s a long overdue solution to expanding humanistic and diverse media content.

My team and I have spent the last four weeks organizing a national launch tour for the Project Catalyst App.   We’ve been reaching out to artistically underserved populations across our multiple social media platforms, and so far we’ve successfully executed crowd-filled invite-only events in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles

The goal here is to offer the creative class, media influencers and early adopters a chance to sample the goodies and help spread the word.  The response has been fantastic!

As of today, there are people watching the Project Catalyst App on every continent in 14 different countries across North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa.  All of this based on positive word of mouth from our three launch events.

Could the Project Catalyst App be the perfect platform for a new generation of social savvy consumers?  Undoubtedly. 

I’ll be revealing the strategy behind our thought campaign and details from each launch event soon.  Also, stay tuned for behind the scenes video content from our tour and insights into how you can use the Project Catalyst App to expand the reach and extend the life of your film or new media project.

Get the app free right here:

For more info go to: and ‘Become a Catalyst.’

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