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The NYU Cinema Research Institute brings together innovators in film and media finance, production, marketing, and distribution to imagine and realize a new future for artist-entrepreneurs. 


Producers of 'Tree of Life,' 'Blue Valentine,' 'Paradise Lost' Share Insights on How to Get Your Movie Made


In a session at the PGA's annual Produced by Conference SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen put a great group together to discuss the new ways films are being funded (ahem, Kickstarter) and distributed (take your pick). My favorite excerpt below:

Eventually, the conversation shifted toward non-traditional methods of distribution in an expanding digital environment. Echoing sentiments expressed at the conference by "Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan earlier in the day, the panelists noted that the theatrical experience continues to wane in the face of increased availability of high-tech home theater systems. And Green spoke about how Malick's “The Tree of Life” crested on the first wave of Tugg, the online service that allows communities to fund and request screenings in their local theaters.

The upshot of all the new avenues for distribution, according to Howell, is that the longer the film stays in the public consciousness, the longer a producer’s role extends. “A producer works on a film like this for a long period of time with no money, working 24 hours a day,” she said. “You have to be committed to giving up that time – a year to a year and a half of your life – to making it.”

Full article from INDIEWIRE here.