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Games and Film : Emotional Throughline


Games and Film : Emotional Throughline

Ryan Silbert


One of the hurdles with any filmmaker interested in exploring AAA game narrative is the timing of the release. Experiencing the unveiling of a game narrative in real-time as other players around the world are simultaneously revealing the story is one of the key factors in creating the 'nostalgia'-effect that comes along with discussing great gaming experiences.

Games, because of advancing technology tend to occupy a certain place in time and may in some cases, not be as playable years later.

That said, for anyone interested today might a perfect time to jump on the narrative AAA bandwagon with the release of Bioshock: Infinite hitting store shelves.

Check out this CNN piece on the emotional throughline and how the gameplay is using narrative in a really interesting way.

This is certainly one of the top games being discussed at GDC and the gaming world at large.

In future posts, I'll be providing a primer of games that filmmakers might want to check-out