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The NYU Cinema Research Institute brings together innovators in film and media finance, production, marketing, and distribution to imagine and realize a new future for artist-entrepreneurs. 


VHX Announces New Platform for Independent Filmmakers

Claire Harlam

"VHX wants to be your dashboard for the entire Internet," wrote TechCrunch, and most other tech blogs more or less overtly, in describing the video discovery platform that aims to "combine the best parts of the TV experience with the best of the web." VHX stands apart from the quadrillion or so other platforms who seek to do the same in large part due to its simple user-interface which does, indeed, incorporate the best parts of the TV experience (ie watching stuff without constant distraction) and the web (networked curation aesthetically reminiscent of a Pinterest board).

VHX has announced a new service for artists and filmmakers. Few details have been publicly disclosed, but VXH founder Jamie Wilkinson shared his vision for his filmmaker distribution platform service with TechCrunch:

VHX hopes to provide an alternative, Wilkinson told me by phone, by allowing content owners to create beautiful, highly branded user experiences of their own.

“Before, the Internet was where you went if you couldn’t get a distribution deal,” Wilkinson said. But now, “creators are realizing that they no longer need the distributors to reach an audience… Creators are coming around and realizing that people are really happy to open their wallets.”

I'm excited to see how this platform develops. Though VHX's offerings are similar to that of many of the other direct distribution platforms in this over-crowded market, VHX's current user interface and design are superior, and their investor activity is promising. They stand pretty poised to allow independent filmmakers to share their work on their own terms a la Louis CK or Aziz Ansari (whose direct download was VHX-fuelled).

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